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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David Bianculli

This is a happy milestone for me and my blog! This is my 100th post. (Cue the release of the confetti)

Tonight was an exciting one for me--I got to shake hands with TV critic/writer David Bianculli. He's on book tour right now promoting Dangerously Funny: the Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, his latest book about the Smothers Brothers variety show in the late 1960s and their legendary battle with the network censors over their political humor.

Bianculli's tour brought him to our local library where he spoke for an hour about the TV series and then signed books afterwards. I'm such a book nerd, I brought my old dog-eared copy of his earlier book Teleliteracy for him to sign. Above right is a photo of his inscription which reads:

Look at this! Thanks Joanna for bringing this to sign. My first book! (his signature)

It was exciting meeting him. He would probably respond that I need to get a life--and he wouldn't be wrong. But I admire him. He's a smart guy and I appreciate and envy what he does. Those that write about television for a living don't make up a large group. But I'm glad I'm in it. If you don't already follow it, check out his blog:

www.TV Worth Watching.com

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