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This is the place to follow along with blog posts I'm writing about the Netflix #DVDdress project.

A not-so-quick summary: I've been a Netflix DVD subscriber since 2005, using the subscription service as a resource to research the history of Christmas in TV episodes, specials and movies. When I received the first DVD in the mail, I noticed that the paper envelopes had an unusual texture. I'm a crafty person and I began setting aside the portion of the envelope that is intended to be discarded for a future project. Thirteen years later, I've saved over 1,500 envelope fronts. Earlier this year, I saw that the DVD subscription service of Netflix is celebrating their 20th anniversary and they were looking for interesting subscriber stories. I thought to myself, "I'm interesting!" so I shared with them about my collection of envelope fronts. DVD Netflix responded and asked me what I wanted to do with the collection and I told them I had a dream of using the unusual paper to create wearable art--perhaps a dress. They loved the idea so that's where we're at! DVD Netflix is sponsoring the dress to be featured on their social media platforms.

Yes--I have more than 1.500 of these red envelope fronts. But I'm still a subscriber so I get more in the mail each week!

Thank you for your interest in the dress and for following along with my adventure on this project. Please check back often to follow along with the process. The dress will be revealed November 15th, 2018--so don't miss it!

--Part 1: My first step in the process was finding a fashion designer for the paper dress. Luckily, I had the help of the NBC affiliate WKYC-TV in Cleveland, OH. Click HERE to see the original introduction of the project and the video that aired on the news.

Celebrating the morning Hertz accepted the assignment!

--Part 2: After more than 10 interviews with fashion designers, I found the perfect one! Meet Alyssa Hertz and learn about our inspiration for the dress' design. Click HERE for that post.

Alyssa has already begun working on the bodice of the dress.

--Part 3: Alyssa's progress on the dress and my reflections on the research that got me to this point. Please click HERE for Part 3.

A most recent fitting for the bodice. Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees outside!? I'm ready for some cooler weather.

--Part 4: I create hair accessories and a necklace to accompany the dress. Rosemary Clooney references seems to be everywhere I turn, and I love it! See Part 4 HERE.

I used a laser cutter to make paper holly leaves and mini-DVDs as fashion accessories.

--Part 5: I describe the experience of the fashion photography shoot of the paper dress at Rosemary Clooney's former residence now museum in Augusta, KY. See Part 5 HERE.

--Part 6: THE REVEAL. The photos debuted by DVD Netflix on Twitter, Monday, Nov. 12th. Follow along with the recap of the debut HERE.

And then....photos of the #DVDdress went viral across the internet. The story was picked up by the website Boing Boing, and then Pee-Wee Herman's website and social media pages shared it. I'm so grateful to everyone that supported this project. I appreciate you!!

My own list of Top 10 Christmas DVDs to rent from DVD Netflix also made their website. Check out that list HERE.

Thanks so much for your ongoing interest in the 20th anniversary celebration of DVD Netflix and my collection of DVD envelopes. I've had so much fun with the #DVDdress project. This dress couldn't "fit" anyone but me. 

UPDATE: the Netflix DVD dress was on display in downtown Akron with Curated Storefront, an art installation series in the city of Akron, Ohio, from Nov. 2019-May 2020.

From there, the Netflix DVD dress was on display as part of the "Cultural Carry-On: America's Literal Baggage" exhibit at the Cummings Center, Institute for Human Science and Culture, in Akron, Ohio from July 2021-June 2022.

And, in November 2022, the Netflix DVD dress was re-imagined as art on the Netflix DVD envelopes. Happy 25th anniversary Netflix DVD!

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