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Sunday, August 5, 2018

DVD Dress Update--Part 2

Celebrating with coffee the morning Alyssa accepted the assignment.

Quite a bit has happened with the DVD Netflix paper dress project since I last wrote about it in May. See the introduction to this discussion again HERE.  In May and June, I heard from almost twenty fashion designers interested in the project to make a paper dress from my collection of more than 1,500 Netflix envelope fronts--a project sponsored by the subscription service DVD Netflix to help commemorate their 20th anniversary. I ended up interviewing ten designers. My decision was not an easy one--I met quite a few extremely talented, creative, and ambitious young men and women.

Alyssa showing me the gorgeous gown she made from styrofoam plates and cups--a dress featured in People Magazine.

One woman stood out from the crown and I'm grateful that she accepted the assignment. Her name is Alyssa Hertz and she's a sophomore in the renown fashion program at Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio. She has experience working with non-traditional materials to create innovative fashions, and she's articulate and confident. I'm very pleased to be working with her on this project.

Another impressive dress Alyssa made--this one from newspaper.
At a meeting last week with Alyssa discussing the project.

Early in the process, Alyssa and I were discussing our dreams for the dress and we came up with a concept that made us both happy. Hold on to your seat! We're taking our inspiration from glamorous classic Hollywood to create a dress inspired by Rosemary Clooney's red dress seen in the finalé of the 1954 movie White Christmas! Alyssa is making something wholly original but our paper dress made from the red DVD Netflix envelope fronts will evoke the spirit of Clooney's gown. Doesn't that sound like fun? I get goose bumps every time I talk about it.

I have to start working on channeling my inner Rosemary Clooney!

Alyssa is already hard at work on the bodice.

Alyssa has already begun work on the bodice--that's fashion-speak for the top portion of the dress. If you'd like to follow along with the progress of the dress, you can follow the hashtag #DVDdress on social media. Both Alyssa and I will be sharing our photos on Instagram and Twitter using that hashtag. You can also follow along on the website here. Our deadline for the project is October so we'll be sharing more before then. As Alyssa continues to work on the dress, I'll be reflecting back on the 10 years I've been writing and maintaining this blog/website. 10 years!? I know--where has the time gone? This exciting project feels like a good time to reflect on the wonderful opportunities and adventures I have enjoyed along the way.  Thanks for reading--and more on the dress coming soon :)

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