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Friday, August 3, 2018

Christmas in July 2018: Jennifer Lundgren

from 1977's Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Christmas in July 2018: Jennifer Lundgren

1) Name your favorite Henson's Muppet Christmas program and why.

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. It just makes me laugh.

2) Which decade produced the bulk of your favorite Christmas entertainment?

I was born in 1965 so I grew up with all the Classic 60's Rankin Bass specials and still look forward to watching them.

Susan Lucci in 1995's TV movie Ebbie.

3) Imagine the entertainment behind your ideal Christmas Eve dinner. Name the appetizer, entré, and dessert.

NOW, I understand this question:

Appetizer: A Charlie Brown Christmas that ends in Linus' famous speech which leads nicely into the main course:
Main Course: The Nativity, should be the reason we celebrate Christmas
Dessert: Something light either Scrooged or Ebbie, two of my favorite Christmas Carol adaptations.

4) What Christmas episode, special or movie doesn't exist--that you wish did? Feel free to get creative.

As a science fiction fan, I always wish there was a Star Gate Christmas ep. SG1 could be stuck either on Another World or at Star Gate Command due to some emergency and each stuck in their own memories, Daniel with his parents in Christmas past, Sam with her father and brother (not sure her mother is every mentioned in the series), and Jack having painful memories of his son all the while they try to explain the hubbub to Teal'C.

1954's White Christmas--scene from "Snow" song.
5) If one Christmas movie, special or episode was to be selected for a time capsule to opened in 1,000 years, which title do you think should be included?

White Christmas, which would have been my main course (see above) if I went with a totally secular theme.


  1. I've always wanted that snow scene/calendar that the foursome sang around in "White Christmas." A great holiday image!

  2. I love your craving for sci-fi Christmas episode from "Stargate." Some science fiction shows do Christmas--and do it well. Others avoid it altogether. *shrugs* Thanks for these great responses :)