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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twilight Zone marathon

Well the annual New Year's Twilight Zone marathon is over. This year they broadcast episodes for 46 hours of the classic series during the New Year's holiday on the Syfy channel. I found myself repeating the phrase "Oh, I LOVE this one!" with each and every new opening credit sequence. It was annoying but true. Even though I attended several parties and had work to do in another room, I left the TV on even when I wasn't watching it. This year's marathon seemed to be airing the Earl Hamner Jr.-written episodes every time I walked into the room.

I had to get out my Twilight Zone Companion book and read along with many of the storylines. My book was a Christmas present in 1982--it's pages are dog-eared, brownish and written on. It even has a water stain across all the pages from a beer spill from when I lived in the dorms in college. And, it still contains several pieces of notebook paper jammed in between the pages with notes and scribblings from many years past. This is a very treasured possession--and still a valuable resource on just these occassions.


  1. How did I not know the creator of The Waltons was a writer for Twilight Zone?!? That's pretty dang cool!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Several of Hamner's episodes feature folksy or rural characters that best city slickers. He's very consistent and sympathetic to country-fide characters. He's awesome.