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Monday, March 15, 2010

Oscar Winner: Mo'Nique

Congratulations to last week's Oscar winner, actress/stand-up comic Mo'Nique.

She is also special to me because of the Christmas episode "Secret Santa" of the TV series, The Parkers. In this 2001 episode, the guests all cancel on Nikki’s annual tree trimming party yet she keeps her Christmas spirit. Even after they are all accidentally locked in at the department store on Christmas Eve, Nikki is still able to inspire them to share a wonderful evening together. The following morning on Christmas, Nikki comes to realize that the store’s security guy, Walter may have locked them all in on purpose to give Nikki the Christmas Eve she longed for--one surrounded by her friends. Could he be the real Santa? The highlight of this episode is Mo’Nique herself in a Santa Claus suit, filling in for the store’s Santa and surprising her friends. I wish I had a photo of that for my blog!

Congratulations, again, to one of the the hardest working women in show business.


  1. Did you see Monique on Barbara Walters after the Oscars? Yikes. She's awesome, but has some kind of life...

  2. No, I didn't. But I've heard her tell stories in other places. yeah.