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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Partridge Family and The Oscars

I've been inspired by Turner Classic Movies network to create my own holiday-inspired tribute to the Oscars during the month of March.

You may be familiar with the 1971 Christmas episode of The Partridge Family from the second season entitled 'Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa.' The bus breaks down on the way to the family’s Christmas concert in Las Vegas. The Partridges take shelter in a nearby ghost town where an elderly prospector named Charlie entertains the children with a Christmas story about this town 100 years ago. This western fantasy features the cast in the roles of the story told by Charlie, with Reuben playing Mean Sydney, the villain in a black hat who steals the town’s silver Christmas bell, Laurie as the schoolmarm, Shirley as the saloon girl, Danny as Little the Kid--a wannabe hero, and Keith as Sheriff Swell, who carries a guitar instead of a gun. This episode features the Christmas classics "Winter Wonderland" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" which both appear on The Partridge Family Christmas Card album.

I mention this episode because it also includes another song--the one Keith as Sheriff Swell is repeatedly singing throughout the episode. Used as a humorous running gag, Keith annoyingly sings his dialogue to the tune of...wait for it...the theme from the movie High Noon, the 1952 Oscar-winning song “Don’t Forsake Me, Oh My Darling.”

Actor Dean Jagger who plays Charlie is also an Oscar winner--as Best Supporting Actor in 1949's Twelve O'Clock High and of course, Shirley Jones is an Oscar winner too--as Best Supporting Actress in 1960's Elmer Gantry.

C'mon Laurie, Get Happy!


  1. Why don't I remember this episode? Oh, David Cassidy, you are so freakin' hawt.

  2. I think he loves me--so what am I so afraid of? I'm afraid that I'm not sure of, a love there is no cure for.