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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Christmas Secret movie (2014)

Some times it can be overwhelming to keep track of the hundreds of hours of holiday entertainment airing on TV during the holidays.  One of the things I do to stay on top of it all is to pay attention to the individual networks that premiere new Christmas programming.  One such network is HMM--or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, a sister channel to the Hallmark Channel.  Each year HMM seems to grow their holiday programming--an exciting development to those of us that love Christmas entertainment.  On the HMM schedule you can find Christmas episodes of our favorite mystery TV shows, classic Hollywood Christmas movies, older Hallmark Channel original TV movies, as well as premieres of new Christmas TV movies.  I recently had the opportunity to preview a new HMM Christmas TV movie, The Christmas Secret which debuts on Sunday, Dec. 7th at 9pm(ET) and repeats at 11pm(ET).

VanLiere's books have become popular Christmas TV movies before!

One of the things that stands out to me is that The Christmas Secret is adapted from the best-selling book by Donna VanLiere.  This is exciting news because there have been three previous popular Christmas TV movies adapted from her books.  Remember the TV movies The Christmas Shoes in 2002, The Christmas Blessing in 2005, and The Christmas Hope in 2009?

Actress Bethany Joy Lenz plays Christine (center).

In The Christmas Secret, the main character Christine is near the end of her rope.  The single mom loses her job, faces eviction, and may lose custody of her two children all before Christmas.  But Christine never loses hope as she tries to overcome the struggles and challenges set before her.  In the meantime, a misunderstanding causes Christine to meet a handsome new man and mistake him for a private detective.  Jason, the handsome stranger, is looking for Christine to offer her a reward for a good deed--the same act that caused her to be late for work and cost her her job!  But Jason and Christine don’t realize they are each hoping to find the other.

Christine's locket inspires her to be hopeful despite life's many obstacles.

A family heirloom will help end any confusion over identity in the end--and bring Christine more meaning at Christmas than she ever dreamed possible.  This romantic movie is a satisfying story about fate winning out and the hope of finding a happy ending at Christmas.  Will you join me in watching the premiere of The Christmas Secret on Sunday, Dec. 7th, at 9pm(ET) on HMM?

One of the things I enjoy about watching Christmas TV movies is recognizing some of my favorite actors.  Bethany Joy Lenz is the same actress from the popular TV series One Tree Hill.  And, you may recognize Michael Hogan who plays Marshall Wilson, the owner of Wilson's Collective. He's the same actor who played Colonel Tigh on the new Battlestar Galactica among his many TV roles.  Have you been watching the new Christmas TV movies this year?  Any new favorites?


  1. You have such a wonderful blog! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  2. Can u get this film on DVD anyone know please :)

  3. I have seen this movie and another one on another site stating that it will be out soon on dvd just don't know when