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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Tour: Milwaukee WI recap

This past Wednesday I was at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee for a speaking engagement and book signing. Those in attendance were a great crowd--eager to talk about their favorite Christmas TV programs. Not only am I grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for Christmas on TV but it's always wonderful to talk with others that are equally passionate about it.

Thanks again to Boswell Book Company. I've been on the road now since early November which can be difficult at times. But I enjoyed my time spent in Milwaukee--and I'm already making plans to return. While there, I ate dinner at the espionage-themed restaurant, Safe House, found the Fonzie statue and toured the Miller Brewing Company.

As I was leaving the site of the brewing facility, it just happened to be a shift change and factory workers came pouring out of the brick buildings into the very cold winter air. It reminded me of brief scenes from the TV series Laverne & Shirley where the employees of Shotz Brewery huddle together to punch their time cards entering and exiting the factory in the winter time. Okay, maybe it was just me--but those thoughts actually occurred to me in the moment and made my trip just that much more interesting.

My favorite brewery workers, Laverne and Shirley

My next book tour stops: Wednesday, Dec. 15th I'll be at the Book Cellar in Chicago, IL at 7pm. I'll not only be speaking for a few minutes but I'll be signing both The Christmas TV Companion and Tis the Season TV, the encyclopedia.

On Saturday, Dec. 18th I'll be signing both books at Blue Arrow Records and Boutique in Cleveland, OH starting at 6pm. See you there!

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