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Monday, December 20, 2010

Set Your DVRs: Doctor Who Christmas Marathon

On Christmas Day, Saturday Dec. 25th, BBC America is running a marathon of Christmas episodes of the hit British sci-fi series Doctor Who. Fans of the show know that there have been several holiday-themed episodes produced since the show's recent reincarnation. Christmas day's marathon includes: "The Unquiet Dead;" "The Christmas Invasion;" "The Runaway Bride;" "Voyage of the Damned;" and "The Next Doctor." The episodes will repeat throughout the day so check the schedule on BBC America for the listings--or search on TVGuide.com.

But the best news is that the newest Doctor Who Christmas episode debuts on Christmas night at 9pm (EST) after the marathon. 2010's "A Christmas Carol" stars the latest Doctor played by Matt Smith with special guest, actor Michael Gambon. I can't wait!

2007's "Voyage of the Damned" with special guest Kylie Minogue

2008's "The Next Doctor" with special guest David Morrissey

2010's "A Christmas Carol" Doctor Who Christmas episode--premieres Dec. 25th

Of course, Doctor Who has dealt with Charles Dickens before. The nineteenth-century author is a character in the 2005 episode "The Unquiet Dead" and the familiar Dickensian subject of exploited orphans in Victorian London is incorporated into the 2008 episode "The Next Doctor."


  1. I can't wait for Christmas -- because of this amazing marathon and the new special! The "Voyage of the Damned" is a particularly wonderful and ultimately poignant adventure, with tons of thrills, and a great Titanic homage for fans of the doomed liner. Thanks for this heads-up!

  2. So, RIDICULOUSLY excited about this ep and the fact that it is airing on Christmas for us U.S. types as well as for Brits this year. :-)