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Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Christmas TV Listings and Schedules

It's that time of year again, when networks begin releasing their upcoming November and December schedules filled with Christmas TV episodes, specials and movies.  I'm excited to say that INSP, the Inspiration Network, emailed me last week with their complete schedule for December.  There are quite a few good things on their schedule and I'm glad to share it with you.  Do you receive INSP on your cable or satellite line-up?

INSP will be airing the Christmas episodes of their regular series which include The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and The Big Valley. The 2012 schedule is as follows:

The Brady Bunch: "The Voice of Christmas"
Thur 12/6, 5pm (ET), Thur 12/13, 5:30pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 5:30pm (ET)

Happy Days: "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas?"
Tues 12/18, 6:30pm (ET)
Happy Days: "Richie Branches Out"
Tues 12/11, 6pm (ET), Wed 12/19, 6:30pm (ET)
Happy Days: "Christmas Time"
Thur 12/20, 6:30pm (ET)
Happy Days: "White Christmas"
Fri 12/21, 6:30pm (ET)

Little House on the Prairie: "Christmas at Plum Creek"
Mon 12/17, 2pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 1pm (ET)
Little House on the Prairie: "Blizzard"
Fri 12/7, 1pm (ET), Thur 12/20, 1pm (ET)
Little House on the Prairie: "A Christmas They Never Forgot"
Wed 12/12, 2pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 2pm (ET)

The Waltons: "The Best Christmas"
Sun 12/9, 8pm (ET), Thur 12/20, 8pm (ET), Fri 12/21, noon (ET), Tues 12/25, noon (ET)
The Waltons: "The Children's Carol" 2hrs (Parts 1 &2)
Sat 12/22, 9pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 1pm (ET)
The Waltons: "The Spirit"
Sun 12/9, 7pm (ET), Mon 12/17, 8pm (ET), Wed 12/19, noon (ET), Sun 12/23, 7pm (ET)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Mike's Dream-A Christmas Tale"
Thur 12/6, 11pm (ET), Fri 12/14, 1am (ET), Mon 12/17, 7pm (ET)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "A First Christmas"
Fri 12/14, 11pm (ET), Tues 12/18, 7pm (ET)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Fifi's First Christmas"
Fri 12/14, midnight (ET), Wed 12/19, 7pm (ET),  Mon 12/24, 1am (ET)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Season of Miracles"
Tues 12/4, 7pm (ET), Mon 12/10, 11pm (ET), Sun 12/16, 1am (ET), Thur 12/20, 7pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 1am (ET)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Homecoming"
Thur 12/13, 11pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 7pm (ET), Sun 12/23, 1am (ET)

The Big Valley: "Judgment in Heaven"
Mon 12/10, midnight (ET), Mon 12/10, 3pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 3pm (ET)

What is equally exciting is the fantastic line-up of Christmas movies INSP has on their December schedule including Ebbie, Blizzard, Christmas With a Capital C, Secret of Giving, The Christmas Secret, The Christmas Tree, The Nativity, The Christmas Box, A Christmas Snow, A Town Without Christmas,  and Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage

If you aren't certain which movies these are, you can buy my encyclopedia Tis the Season TV, or you can ask me.  Don't forget: I'm also on facebook--that may be the fastest way to get my attention: facebook link for Christmas TV History.  I'm super psyched about three of these movies in particular: 2000's The Christmas Secret with actor Richard Thomas, 1995's Ebbie with Susan Lucci, and the 1996's The Christmas Tree, as this is difficult to find on TV.  The schedule is as follows:

Ebbie (1995)
Tues 12/18, 9pm (ET), Wed 12/19, 11pm (ET), Mon 12/24, 11pm (ET)

Blizzard (2003)
Fri 12/21, 9pm (ET), Mon 12/24, 1pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 7pm (ET), Wed 12/26, noon (ET)

Christmas with a Capital C (2010)
Tues 12/25, 9pm (ET)

Secret of Giving (1999)
Sat 12/15, 9pm (ET), Sun 12/16, 11pm (ET), Sat 12/22, 11pm (ET), Mon 12/24, 5pm (ET)

The Christmas Secret (2000)
Sun 12/16, 9pm (ET), Mon 12/17, 11pm (ET), Mon 12/24, 3pm (ET)

The Christmas Tree (1996)
Mon 12/17, 9pm (ET), Tues 12/18, 11pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 5pm (ET)

The Nativity (1978)
Fri 12/14, 9pm (ET), Sat 12/15, 11pm (ET), Sun 12/23, 11pm (ET), Mon 12/24, 7pm (ET)

The Christmas Box (1995)
Wed 12/19, 9pm (ET), Thur 12/20, 11pm (ET), Sun 12/30, 11pm (ET)

A Christmas Snow (2010)
Mon 12/24, 9pm (ET)

A Town Without Christmas (2001)
Sun 12/23, 9pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 3pm (ET)

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage (2008)
Thur 12/20, 9pm (ET), Fri 12/21, 11pm (ET), Tues 12/25, 11pm (ET), Fri 12/28, noon (ET)

Other TV listings are coming out with November and December schedules.  Remember you can find daily TV listings from the best of Christmas programming from me on Twitter: @TistheSeasonTV
and on the facebook page: Tis the Season TV.  Check out the following links for more schedules:

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  1. The past couple of years, I have gotten more and more into the cheesy, heartwarming, or just plain sweet Christmas movies. And that is in addition to the Christmas TV specials. Going to be a great two months! One movie I missed last year that I hope to catch this year is A Very Brady Christmas. Just love that schmaltzy film!

  2. I love it too. But I didn't see "A Very Brady Christmas" on any of the line-ups last year. :( I hope it comes back this year!