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Monday, January 4, 2016

Year in Review: 2015

Before I move on to new content in the new year, I thought I'd provide a look back on the previous one.  I was a little surprised by a few of 2015's most popular blog posts and reviews--maybe you will be surprised too. Curious about 2014's most popular essays? Click HERE to see the 2014 list again. Here are 2015's most viewed posts:

1. Christmas in July-Christmas TV Party (from June)
The 2015 summer blogathon was clearly a reader favorite this past year.  I have to confess: it's a favorite of mine as well. It was the announcement and instructions for the Christmas TV Party that received the most views. Here's the link to the recap at the end of the blogathon with all the links to each participant's responses. Should we do another Christmas TV Party this summer?

The 1981 Christmas episode of LHOTP includes scenes from the original 1974 pilot movie of the series.

2. Little House on the Prairie Christmas episode from 1981 entitled "A Christmas They Never Forgot." Although I wrote about this emotional episode in January last year, it apparently was the perfect time for readers to recapture their holiday spirit. This episode is a fan favorite because the story is structured around our favorite TV family reminiscing about Christmases past.

The Christmas Note stars actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler (right).

3. My review of the new TV movie The Christmas Note which debuted on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in November. The Christmas Note distinguishes itself as a mystery story rather than a romance (the most common genre of holiday TV movies by far). The movie's title may seem familiar because it was adapted from the best-selling book by popular author Donna VanLiere. Did you get a chance to see the movie this past holiday season?

"He's better than a doctor. He's Santa Claus!"

4. My review and commentary of The Brady Bunch Christmas episode "The Voice of Christmas" from 1969. I wrote this essay last May as part of the Classic TV Blog Association's Summer of MeTV blogathon. Does it get any more classic than this heartwarming episode?

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd on Moonlighting.

5. My review and commentary of the 1985 Christmas episode of Moonlighting was the fifth most popular one. This essay from last February was another one that was a part of a Classic TV Blog Association action--this time a Classic TV Detectives blogathon. I chose to write about this episode because it includes a memorable musical moment that breaks the fourth wall of the fiction of the series.

Do you remember reading each of these most popular entries? As I plan my upcoming schedule, do you have any requests?  Let me know in the comments below.  Happy New Year!


  1. Should we do another Christmas TV Party this summer?

    Yes. Suggestion for a topic: Favorite "lost" or obscure Christmas special, t.v. movie or episode.

  2. It was a very good year for Christmas TV History! One of my fave posts of the years was the one you did on MOONLIGHTING. Plus, it was fun to participate in my first CHRISTMAS IN JULY event at your blog.