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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"I'm Making My Lunch!!"

Last night I attended a screening at the Cleveland Cinematheque of two films by actor/filmmaker Crispin Glover. After a Q & A discussion of the films, Glover stayed to meet his fans. Graciously, he gave me an autograph and accepted a review copy of my book. I explained that not only did I think he would like the book but that he was mentioned in it for his role in David Lynch's movie Wild At Heart (see pg. 120). He perked up and recalled "I played Santa?..." I said "Jingle Dell." He smiled and added that he had wanted to incorporate more Christmas elements into the role at the time but that it just wasn't possible. Fans of the movie may recall that the character Jingle Dell was Lula Fortune's confused cousin who wished it was Christmas all year long.

I had no idea when I wrote this book that it would take me some of the places that I've been. To talk to Crispin Glover about Jingle Dell is mindblowing.

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