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Friday, November 27, 2009

John Waters Filthy Christmas Freak-Out

I got a postcard in the mail today from Baltimore!! John Waters was responding to my publisher's request for a blurb--those quotes from celebrities on the back cover of books--declining because he just receives too many requests. But he let me know that HE HAD ALREADY PURCHASED THE BOOK before he received my advanced review copy. The idea that he's reading what I wrote is making my head spin. I wish he would have told me--I could have given him a discount.

Of course, I included the awe-inspiring Christmas scene from John Waters' film Female Trouble in my book (see page 122). Dawn Davenport, played brilliantly by Divine, throws one hell of a tantrum on Christmas morning after she doesn't receive the cha cha heels at the top of her Christmas list. Fans of Divine may also want to check out John Candy's spoof of the larger-than-life actress within a segment on SCTV's holiday episode from 1981. See the margin note on page 123 for more details.

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  1. Congrats Joanna. That is some awesome news.

    Of course, I also remember that John Waters visit to The Simpsons also ended up being Christmas themed. :)