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Monday, November 30, 2009

Didn't make the book!?

SET YOUR DVRs: Sunday, Dec. 6th at 4pm (EST) on ABC for Elmo's Christmas Countdown.

You may ask yourself "Why would Joanna recommend this Sesame Street inspired program when she usually points out only the weird, non-traditional and unusual stuff?" But that question only means you haven't seen it. There is one segment in particular--which I still can't believe EXISTS! It sounds more like the kind of rumor you would hear late into the night at a party and shouldn't believe. I tried to fit it into the book but it didn't squeeze neatly into any of the chapters.

Buried in the middle of Elmo's quest for the boxes of the official Christmas Counterdowner (like an advent calendar), he comes across a production of "The Bert and Ernie TV Christmas Special." But here, Bert is played by actor Tony Sirico and Ernie is actor Steve Schirripa. If you haven't caught on yet--that's Paulie Walnuts and Bobby Bacala from The Sopranos as Bert and Ernie. And why not? I'm not gonna be the one to tell these two guys 'no.'

The rest of Elmo's Christmas Countdown is what you'd expect: it's a great special for the kids with the biggest of celebrities singing Christmas songs with the adorable muppets. But its just this one segment with surprising live actors playing our beloved roommates that sends this special over the top.

Elmo's Christmas Countdown

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