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Monday, April 19, 2010


My book is now being sold through Oldies.com! For those not already familiar, Oldies.com carries many of the great old and rare Christmas programs on DVD that I wrote about in the book. Many of these titles are available now but they expand their holiday listings closer to Christmas as well. Oldies.com also sells an overwhelming catalog of television on DVD, music on CD and vinyl, and rare and classic movies--horror, exploitation, drama and comedies--and of course books on music, television and film.

I recommend going to the website and signing up for at least one of their mail order catalogs. These are fantastic to peruse and keep up to date on what's being released.

Or, go to Oldies.com and search their DVD database/catalog with keyword 'christmas' and you'll see that even in the off-season, you'll find that they carry an array of holiday classics from the Abbott and Costello Christmas TV episode (from the Colgate Comedy Hour) to Yogi's First Christmas. Perhaps even a few new surprises.

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