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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1980s Christmas: Cheers

Everybody's favorite work-place family sitcom (or drink-place family sitcom) from the 1980s is Cheers. This popular show has several holiday episodes but my own favorite is the one entitled "Christmas Cheers" from 1987.

In this story, Rebecca has all the bar staff scheduled to work the holiday. Cliff is selfishly trying to win a canned-food drive charity collection competition while Sam is able to miraculously acquire a last minute gift for Rebecca.

However the more minor plot line is the more touching one: the Cheers regulars are sick of seeing the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” airing yet again on TV. As they watch it in the bar, they complain about how saccharine this oft-repeated movie is. But during the scene in the 1946 movie where the Bedford Falls residents come together to support George Bailey and to sing “Auld Lang Syne,” there isn’t a dry eye in Cheers!

What's your favorite Cheers holiday moment?

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  1. They just played a Cheer Xmas episode Sunday night, but I don't think it was this one. I wish I could remember more. I just remember Frasier telling Lilith he had gotten some holiday spirit back. What a wonderful show! Thanks for the linkage. I'll have to watch this!