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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TV Confidential and more

I just wanted to let you know about a few interviews I've recently done.  This week I'll be joining the gang at TV Confidential discussing our favorite and no-so-favorite Christmas TV experiences.  That radio show airs Wed. Dec 18th-24th.  Click HERE for their website and the schedule of when and where it airs.  After that it will become available for listening as a downloadable podcast.  You follow TV Confidential on facebook, right?  Just in case you don't, here's the link.

I also recently did an interview with Jim Inman for his radio program The Bloomington Review out of Indiana.  That radio program is now available as a podcast as well.  Click HERE for the link to that show.

screen shot of the website's header.

And, just in case you missed it last week--I was also interviewed by book author/pop culture expert Caseen Gaines for the website The RetroistClick HERE for the link to see that interview again.  I discuss my thoughts on what makes a good Christmas TV special and the successes and failures of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

I also appeared on the talk show RadioOnceMore.com on their Wednesday night live show a week ago.  My interviewer and host was Johnny Holmes--a wonderful man and Christmas TV fan I met this past year at Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia ConventionRadioOnceMore is a warm community of nostalgia fans--if you don't already follow them on Facebook, here's the link.  Thanks to all the listeners who sent in comments by way of fb, email, and the telephone.  It was great responding to your feedback and questions.  The two-hour talk was a fun trip down Memory Lane as we discussed topics ranging from the 1971 Christmas TV movie The Homecoming to 1962's Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol to the many, many Rankin/Bass animated Christmas classics, and even 1977's Christmas TV movie The Gathering.  I hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did.

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