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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Blogger Sign-Up for July

I'm still accepting guest bloggers for my Christmas in July celebration.  We're all going to write about Christmas episodes, specials or movies made during the 1990s.  Here's what has already been reserved:

TV movie: A Season for Miracles
Melrose Place
the movie: Silent Night, Deadly Night 5
Father Ted
My So-Called Life
Tales from the Crypt
The Adventures of Pete & Pete
Northern Exposure
South Park
The Tick
and a few unconfirmed titles from potential bloggers as well....

There are still PLENTY of 1990s Christmas-themed entertainments available, if you'd like to join in on the fun and write a blog post as well.  There are many sit-coms and children's shows with holiday episodes to write about.  For more suggests, click here
and click here
and click here.

Or, thumb through your copy of the encyclopedia Tis the Season TV and find your own favorite title made during the 1990s and contact me.  Then, during the month of July check back on the blog and read about what everyone else has to say about our favorite 1990s Christmas TV moments.

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