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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still More Suggestions for 1990s Christmas Entertainments

Frana Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life

Interested in guest blogging in July?  Join the discussion about Christmas entertainments made in the 1990s.  Click here for instructionsClick here for previous suggests.  Sign up for your selection now! I already have writers for:
TV movie 'A Season for Miracles'
Melrose Place
Silent Night, Deadly Night 5
Father Ted
My So-Called Life
Tales from the Crypt
and a few other unconfirmed ones floating around...

There are still quite a few good ones left.  If you would like me to suggest something just for you--just let me know or thumb through a copy of the encyclopedia, Tis the Season TV, for other great 1990s titles.  Pick something that means something special to you, something you like to watch over and over or something that touched you emotionally.  Come to the Christmas in July party and join the discussion!

 Hey Arnold! 


  1. Jason and/or I would be willing to do a Quantum Leap or a Northern Exposure entry. Let me know and I'll get writing!

  2. Do Northern Exposure's "Seoul Mates" from 1991. That's a great one. When you are done, email me the essay as an attachment. Is it possible to get it to me before July? I'm hoping to upload them on the blog in a reasonable order then in July. Let me know if there's a problem :) Thanks for joining in!

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  4. Sure, I can do that one. Is the email listed on your profile the best one to send the entry to?