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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Want to be a Guest Blogger in July?

Are you interested in guest blogging on this site in July?  I'm going to be writing about our favorite Christmas TV episodes, specials and movies (both TV movies and theatrical release films) that came out in the 1990s.

Do you have a special connection or a deep love for a 1990s Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's Eve-themed TV episode, special or movie?  I'm looking for some writers and bloggers who would like to join in on the fun and get their essay posted on this blog during the month of July.  If your essay is included, I'll be glad to link to your blog or website.

The best essays should include a brief reminder of what the program's story is about and a description of your own personal connection to that story.  Let's all not write about the same movies or episodes--so please contact me with what you would like to write about ahead of time.  If you're looking for suggestions--get out your encyclopedia Tis the Season TV and start thumbing through your favorite 1990s TV shows.  Don't have a copy of the encyclopedia?  Then buy it--or request it at your local library!

If you are interested in guest blogging, contact me by leaving a comment below, by email, twitter (TisTheSeasonTV) or the facebook group (Christmas TV History Blog) and share the title of what you'd like to write about.  Make sure you leave info so I can contact you back.  I'm hoping to collect these essays BEFORE the month of July starts--so I can upload them in a reasonable order.  Soon it will feel like Christmas in July around here!