Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Real Story Of Halloween

The holiday special The Real Story of Halloween is airing Thursday, Oct. 27 at 8pm (EST) on the History Channel.  
It will repeat on Friday, Oct. 28th at midnight (EST), Sat. Oct. 29 at 8pm (EST), Sun. Oct. 30 at midnight (EST), Monday, Oct. 31st at 11pm (EST) and Tuesday Nov. 1st at 3am (EST).

This documentary program covering the history and traditions of the holiday is made by the same good people, Workaholic Productions, that I worked with last year for the TV special The Real Story of ChristmasClick here to read what I said about that exciting experience.

Last year's announcement of the History Channel program

But this airing of the Halloween special also means that the Christmas special will be re-airing in about a month!  I'm looking forward to that--and I hope you are too.  For those of you that missed it last year, this December will be another opportunity to catch it.  Of course, I'll let you know when it will be airing.  And, if you didn't already know:  I post daily Christmas TV listings on Twitter (@TistheSeasonTV) and on Facebook, on the page 'Tis the Season TV.'  So if you haven't already done it, you can follow those sites and receive updates on Christmas TV broadcasts.

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas movie schedule

If you're eager to watch those favorite Christmas specials and TV movies, you may already know that on-line schedules are beginning to go up.  The Hallmark Channel is beginning to broadcast their TV movies the first weekend after Halloween (starting Nov. 4th) in what they call the Countdown to Christmas.  And ABC Family is beginning to release details about the eventual line up for the 25 days of Christmas marathon.  (Click here for ABC Family's posting).

It's that exciting time of year when the holiday TV programming is beginning to look alot like Christmas!


  1. Set it to record, thanks for the heads up! I am excited for the next few days of Halloween programming and then the 2 months of Christmastime greatness! Woohoo!

  2. I echo CJ thanks for the heads up. Going to set my tivo now.

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