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Thursday, October 6, 2011

South Park in the magazine Entertainment Weekly

Anybody else subsribe to the magazine Entertainment Weekly?  Well, the next time you're at the doctor's office look for the October 7th issue.

In honor of South Park's 15th anniversary, the magazine has an article and a listing (p.44) of the 15 Best South Park Episodes and 53 of the Worst Episodes.  If you watch the outrageous animated comedy series on Comedy Central--or have even heard of it--you know that South Park exists to push the boundaries on what's funny and what can be expressed on television.  TV hasn't been the same since this show debuted. 

p. 44 in this week's  Entertainment Weekly

Reading the list of the 15 Best South Park Episodes, I see that #7 is "Woodland Critter Christmas" from season eight.  Wow!  Have you seen it?  You don't really ever forget it if you've seen it!

Those woodland critters are sooo cute!  Aawww.....AAAHHHH!!!
Instead of a summary, I'll just warn you:  it is trying to be offensive and succeeds.  But the mere mention of this episode brings a smile to my face every time someone asks me if I've seen it!  There is no other Christmas episode quite like this one. None.  But you don't have to be a Christmas TV expert to know that.  It's South Park!

I find it quite amusing that this episode made their best 15 episodes list.  Which ones would be in your list of the best South Park episodes? 

Click on the link to read what a guest blogger had to say about another animated segment from Matt Stone and Trey Parker:  South Park essay from Christmas in July.


  1. Oh, absolutely--that "Christmas" episode is exactly the one I think about when I think about South Park. (The real Christmas story IS pretty weird, when you think about it.)

  2. Hahaha. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I actually prefer "The Spirit of Christmas" for my South Park-ish holiday viewing. ;-) But "Woodland Critter Christmas" is allright in a disturbing way. ;-)