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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol comic book (2002)

I'm continuing my celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first animated Christmas TV special, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  Did you see my original post on the animated TV special?  Click HERE for that link.  Yesterday, I posted a book review of Darrell Van Citters' book on the making of the animated TV classic.  Click HERE to see that post again.  Today, I'd like to share Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol: The Official Comic Adaptation

Cover of the graphic novelization

This 56 page, full color comic was created in 2002 to honor the 40th anniversary of the animated TV special.  Not only is it the complete story but there are added bonuses.  The comic book includes a recipe for razzleberry dressing--a delicious holiday food mentioned in the original TV special.  There are also additional story panels describing the action behind the curtain--between the acts--with the actors in the Broadway stage production of The Christmas Carol.  You can read about what Gerald McBoing Boing who plays Tiny Tim, actor Mr. Magoo, and the stage director are up to backstage between the acts of the play.  That's really a fun expansion of the original story!

Pardon my thumb!  Page on the left depicts the backstage antics of actors in the Broadway production.  Page on the right continues the story with Act II.

The comic book also includes a couple of Mr. Magoo bonus stories.  There is Falling For the Falls, reprinted from Mister Magoo #5, first created in 1963, about a trip the nearsighted Mr. Magoo takes to Niagara Falls.  There is also a second Christmas story entitled Mr. Magoo's Holiday Hi-Jinx! from 2002.  It is about Magoo's run-in with an elf that accidentally falls down his chimney on Christmas Eve.  And, in the middle of the book is a lengthy section on the history (in text) of the Mr. Magoo character.

Wish you had a copy of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol: The Official Comic Adaptation?  I have a copy I'd like to give away to one of my readers.  Making this giveaway even more sweet:  this is a very limited edition signed copy--it includes the signatures of the four artists who created this book.  Inside the front cover, this copy includes the signatures of Chris Yambar-writer, George Broderick, Jr.-pencils, Ken Wheaton-inks, and Rich Maurizio-letters.  I got this copy directly from Chris Yambar, so you know it's authentic.  Check out his website: http://Yambar.com

To qualify for the prize giveaway:

--leave a comment below with the words "Happy 50th Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol"  You can enter again on Facebook and Twitter by commenting with the words "Happy 50th Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" at the following locations:

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So you could enter up to five times by leaving one correct comment at all five locations.  This giveaway is for North American residents only.  This runs from today, Wed Nov.14th--Saturday, November 17th, noon (ET) 2012.  On Nov. 17th at noon, I'll use random.org to generate a number from the total number of qualifying entries to select a winner.  Tell all your friends about this fun giveaway.  Good luck!

This is what the artists' signatures look like in my own personal copy. The giveaway comic book remains in its plastic sleeve.


  1. Very cool!
    Happy 50th Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol

  2. Awesome commemorative item, and fun in its own right!

    I am going to bow out of the running, since I just won the last contest you had, but good luck to those who do enter!

  3. Happy 50th Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol!

    *fingers crossed*

  4. The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered. Random.org picked Monica mays as the winner. You need to email me a mailing address before Monday Nov. 19th at 8pm (ET). Congratulations!

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