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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Classic TV Christmas listings for 2014

I have some exciting news to share.  Two TV channels, Get TV and MeTV (digital subchannels available over the air and on local cable systems), are airing some classic TV Christmas programming this holiday season.  Let me give you the highlights of their Christmas TV listings.

Get TV which specializes in showcasing Hollywood's legendary movies is featuring a special treat for TV viewers.  On Sunday, Nov. 30th at 10pm(ET) they are airing the 1957 Christmas episode of The Frank Sinatra Show--a musical program that features Frank's special guest Bing Crosby.  This is one of my favorites.  You may remember that I wrote about it last year.  Click HERE to see my review of it again.

Seated in front of the fireplace, together Bing and Frank sing "The Christmas Song."
Get TV will be re-airing this special holiday program several times after Nov. 30th until Christmas--most notably on Dec. 12th which is Sinatra's 99th birthday!  You don't want to miss out on this.  For more information and to look at their complete schedule, check out Get TV's website and follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gettv

MeTV will also be airing special Christmas programming.  On Friday Nov. 28th, there will be an all-day marathon of Christmas episodes (most but not all of the episodes are Christmas themed) starting at 5am(ET).  Another all-day marathon of Christmas programming is scheduled for Christmas Day, Dec. 25th.  Check MeTV's website schedule for all the details.  I'll be glad to share some highlights of my favorites.  Either get a pen and paper--or use MeTV's new Remind Me feature on-line where they can send you a programming reminder in the format of your choice.  See those details here.

--PETTICOAT JUNCTION--the 1963 episode "A Cannonball Christmas" airs 12/25 at 6am(ET) and the 1966's "The Santa Claus Special"--a color episode re-filmed with the newer cast airs 11/28 at 6am(ET).

--THE DONNA REED SHOW--1958 episode "A Very Merry Christmas" airs 11/28 at 7am(ET) and 12/25 at 7am(ET).  This holiday story includes comedic actor/legend Buster Keaton.  Click HERE to see my review of that episode again.


 --THAT GIRL--1967's "Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest" airs on 11/28 at 5am(ET).  1966's "Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid" airs 12/25 at 5am(ET).  Click HERE to see my review of that episode again.

--DRAGNET--1967's "The Christmas Story" airs on 11/28 at 11am(ET) and again on 12/25 at 11am(ET).  This episode includes a small role with a young Barry Williams who also played Greg Brady on The Brady BunchClick HERE to see my review of this classic episode again.

--GUNSMOKE--1971's "P.S. Murry Christmas" airs on 11/28 at 1pm(ET) and 12/25 at 1pm(ET).  You may remember this holiday episode features an ensemble of child actorsClick HERE to see my review of that episode again. 

Remember Deputy Barney Fife in a Santa suit?

--THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW--1960's "The Christmas Story" airs on 11/28 at 8pm(ET).  Click HERE to see my review of that episode again. 

--GILLIGAN'S ISLAND--the 1964 Christmas episode "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk" airs 11/28 at 9:30pm(ET).  This holiday story is often over-looked among Christmas episodes.  Click HERE to see my review of the episode again.

--THE ODD COUPLE--1970's "Scrooge Gets an Oscar" airs 11/28 at 10pm(ET).  Click HERE to see my review of that episode again. 

Wanted: Dead or Alive's Josh Randall is played by Steve McQueen.

--WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE--1958's "Eight Cent Reward" airs Saturday 11/29 at 4pm(ET). This  holiday story features child actor Jay North--who also played TV's Dennis the Menace!  Click HERE to see my review of this classic Christmas episode again.

Other series with Christmas episodes airing on MeTV this holiday season include Make Room for Daddy, The Beverly Hillbillies, Daniel Boone, Adam-12, M*A*S*H, Night Gallery, the Big Valley, The Loretta Young Show, and The Brady BunchCheck their schedule for their complete schedule.

Just a few more remarks about special holiday programming on MeTV.  
--A DREAM FOR CHRISTMAS--the 1973 made-for-TV Christmas movie will air again this year on 12/25 at 12:30am(ET).  Many of you may remember that I'm a huge fan of this classic TV movie which includes an all African-American cast. This movie reminds me of the small stories that television used to excel at making.  Some of you joined me during a live Twitter event in 2013 when MeTV aired this movie last year--that was a lot of fun!  

--ONCE UPON A STARRY NIGHT--the 1978 Christmas TV movie is airing on 12/25 at 7:30am(ET).  This is the made-for-TV movie that was made after the run of the iconic TV series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams and features its cast.  This is a rare TV event you don't want to miss. 

--THE ROGUES--1965's "Mr. White's Christmas" airs Sat. Nov. 29th at 5am(ET).  Although this series is largely forgotten, the Christmas episode is historically significant.  Do you know why?  I wish I had time to blog about it now--you'll have to wait until January to see my review of the episode!  So tune in and then check back with me in January to see what I have to say about it.

Got any questions about the above schedule?  How about other Christmas programs this holiday season?  Feel free to ask me.  You can leave comments below or post on my facebook wall at Christmas TV History or Tis the Season TV--or even on Twitter at @TistheSeasonTV.  



  1. how wonderful.....now let me see if we "get" GETTV! i wish more channels would do this type of programming during the holidays!

  2. GREAT! just checked via your link and we do get GETTV on our comcast....never even heard of the station before. thanks so much for the heads up. HO HO HO! ;)

  3. Absolutely! Thanks for your comments :D

  4. I don't think we get Get TV, but I will double check in a second. But I LOVE MeTV. I watch it all the time. Have watched the entire run of Perry Mason for the first time over the last year and loved it. Am doing a rewatch of CHiPs now. I like that they don't over air the shows. CHiPs is on just once a day, Monday through Friday. Wonder Woman is just once a week, on Saturday nights. And I love Svengoolie. As for their Christmas stuff, I recorded a few shows for this Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to them!

    1. Thanks for yr comments Joe. I too LOVE MeTV--watch it daily. I see that MeTV has added more Christmas programming besides their day-long marathons. Starting in December, they'll be airing Christmas episodes week nights at 10pm(ET). So that's exciting. And, yes, they'll air the Christmas episode of CHiPs on Tues Dec. 16th--I can't wait! Here's the link to their schedule: http://metvnetwork.com/metv-s-christmas-conundrum