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Monday, July 26, 2010

Port Clinton Book Talk Update

The poster announcing my book program in the library's entrance

My book talk last Thursday at the Ida Rupp Public Library in Port Clinton, Ohio went well. I learned that my program was mentioned in two local print newspapers as well the on-line announcements. Thanks again to Joan Bryden who interviewed on WPCR, Port Clinton radio and Lauren Lemmon, the librarian who arranged the book talk.

Though there were severe thunderstorm warnings and even the threat of a tornado, several did brave the elements to attend. (The rain and flooding ended up being so severe, I had to wait inside the building for an hour for it to let up!) Anyway, our nostalgic discussion included: the 2002 TV movie The Christmas Shoes and its follow-up movies; the 1977 TV movie The Gathering; the Andy Willliams Christmas specials; the King Family Christmas specials; and my favorite animated shows' Christmas episodes from Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Checking my notes

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