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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award Winner!!

According to the rules, I'm required to:

1. Thank the person who loved me enough to bestow this gift.

~~Thank you Kiki Howell of Author By Authors.

2. Share seven things about myself.

~~Seven huh? Okay. One: I drink way too much soda pop. Two: I collect TV novelizations. Three: Though I was cast as Peppermint Patty in my second grade stage production of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas,' I was very disappointed that I wasn't chosen to be Linus. Four: I won my age division in my first Ironman-length triathlon in 2003. Five: I still can't believe I won my age division in my first Ironman-length triathlon in 2003. Six: I'm one of two den mothers for my local 'Dance Dance Party Party' franchise, an all-girl organization that schedules dance opportunities outside of the nightclub scene. Seven: I wish I could watch more TV than I already do.

3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.

~~I'm not able to select ten but I'll do my best:

Made for TV Mayhem--fun and interesting writing on television's movies. She also loves horror!

Caffeinated Joe--keeps me on my toes!

Steve the Movie Guy--great posts on film

I Estivate, Therefore I Am--great blog about music from the 1960 and the 1970s

Film School Rejects--the latest film discussions

John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV--awesome!!

TV Worth Watching--this is TV critic David Bianculli's blog

Feel free to check any or all of these blogs. They are certainly worth following. And, remember you can always easily follow my blog here, on Facebook (join the group 'Christmas TV Companion Blog') or through Twitter (TistheSeasonTV).

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  1. Hey, I'm on that list! Thanks! :)

    The Ironman info is VERY impressive. Congrats! When I say I go running, I mostly mean walking fast, but I try to go far!

  2. Thanks so much for the award, even though I have not been deserving as of late!