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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1980s Christmas: Silver Spoons

"Here we are face to face, a couple of silver spoons..."

Continuing with my posts about TV holiday moments from the 1980s, it has been suggested to me to include this sugary favorite: 1982's "The Best Christmas Ever."

In this season one story, Ricky Stratton is excited to spend his first Christmas with his wealthy father. But when an adorable little boy knocks on their mansion door, the Stratton family discover a homeless family living in a nearby cave. Ricky and his father not only sacrifice their own gifts to give them an unexpected Christmas, but Edward offers the needy family a leg up. Together the families sing ‘Silent Night.’

What makes this TV episode worth remembering is special guest Joey Lawrence as the young, homeless boy. Both Ricky Schroder and Joey Lawrence on the screen at the same time is enough pre-teen super stardom to light a small city. Considering how difficult Hollywood is on child actors, it's pretty amazing that both of these guys, now men, still have succesful careers in the industry.

Tell me what you like about this episode. You can watch it on the first season DVD release available at Netflix--or this mini-sode from Crackle below.

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