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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Animated Christmas Carols--Part 1

There's a tremendous amount of excitement since Disney's A Christmas Carol is coming out on DVD. Have you seen it? Did you like it? This is just one of many animated versions of Charles Dickens classic book--the most popular tale at Christmas time. Many people still watch Disney's previous adaptation Mickey's Christmas Carol. Other popular animated versions quickly come to mind: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol; Flintstones Christmas Carol; The Jetsons Christmas Carol; and, Bah Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas movie. All of these still regularly air on TV each year. Are you looking to watch an animated Christmas Carol that maybe you haven't seen in a while? or, one that stands out from the rest? Check out my ten suggestions:
1978's The Stingiest Man in Town
This Rankin/Bass cel animated musical is often overlooked. It is narrated by a cricket, voiced by Tom Bosley (the same actor that played the father on TV's Happy Days) and Scrooge is voiced by Walter Matthau. It's a classic.
1986's The Real Ghostbusters episode "X-Mas Marks the Spot"
The four Ghostbusters unknowingly find themselves in Victorian times and capture three ghosts terrorizing a man. Later when they mysteriously return to their own time, they learn they have altered history and Christmas by eliminating Scrooge's ghosts. This cartoon ambiguously makes the literary character a historical one. But why not? Who you gonna call?
2006's American Dad episode "The Best Christmas Story Never"
Wow! Where do I start to describe this one? When the Spirit of Christmas Past escorts Stan back to Christmas 1970, he ditches the ghost for his own agenda. Through a series of loose connections, Stan blames ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda for the loss of Christmas spirit for Americans as well as his own disillusionment. It just keeps getting weirder and more wild--and it's worth the ride.
Gumby short entitled "Scrooge Loose"
This early 1960s stop motion program includes a holiday segment with Gumby and Pokey confronting an unhappy Scrooge who looks to sabotage Santa Claus' toy delivery. Santa vs. Scrooge: bring it on!
1987's Bravestarr episode entitled "Tex's Terrible Night"
If you aren't already familiar, this impressive animated series is a Science Fiction Western. Yeah, wow! It also distinguishes itself by incorporating the series' characters in this adaptation of Dickens' tale. The Scrooge character, Tex Hex, is haunted by Shaman who shows him the consequences of his villainous behavior. This is far more sophisticated than one expects from a children's program.
Tex as Bravestarr's Scrooge
For Part 2: click HERE....for five more animated Christmas Carols.


  1. Is it bad that I have a crush on the horse on Bravestar? It's true! I actually like the animation on the show quite a bit. It's very much in that He-Man teach-a-lesson fashion (this is also Filmways I think), but I guess I'm unfamiliar enough with it that I find it less silly, I think. Oh, and that horse! :)

  2. LOL!! I've gotta blog about the He Man Christmas special--perhaps during Thanksgiving!

  3. i pretty much NEVER get tired of any adaptations of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. i generally watch them in any form. the tale is a timeless one that can be easily adapted to any time period. i am not so sure about the jim carrey one though. i have never seen it and i am so not a jim carrey fan. i may have to break down and finally watch it though.