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Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Tour: Charleston, WV recap

Taylor Books in downtown Charleston

Earlier today I had a book signing at Taylor Books in Charleston, West Virginia--what a fabulous place! As you can see, the facade of the downtown store fronts look like a European shopping district. Very classy. Inside this independent book store, I found so many cool books that I had to remind myself there wasn't enough room in the car to buy everything I wanted! I did flip through Amy Sedaris' new book--when I saw the several pages of photos of her suggested stretches to avoid crafting injuries, I laughed loud enough to get everyone in the store to look at me.

Anyway, my appearance and book signing went well!! I met several new friends. Carla told me about her favorite movies: "The House Without A Christmas Tree," "Silent Night, Lonely Night" and "Remember the Night." I suggested that if she liked Barbara Stanwyck in "Remember the Night"--she should check out "Christmas in Connecticut" too.

That's my name in florescent chalk!!

Now I'm in Charlotte, NC--Saturday, Nov. 6th at 2 pm I'll be at Park Road Books at Park Road Shopping Center. I drove by the location earlier tonight and I got a little misty. I thought Park Road sounded familiar!? You see, I used to live in Charlotte, about ten years ago, and I used to live right by here! So I guess I felt a little nostalgic. Once I saw the place, I knew instantly where I was--even if I didn't remember the address. I hope to see some of my old friends tomorrow as well as make a few new friends. See ya then.

I did another interview today--and it's already online! This is in anticipation of my program at the Augusta, Georgia library next Tuesday!! click on the link below:

The Augusta Chronicle's Movie Talk Blog with movie columnist Stephen Yusko. Thanks Stephen!

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