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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Tour: Augusta GA recap

Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to be on the History Channel and when the TV Guide Network TV special is going to air--and I still don't know. But THIS is where I'll announce those dates and times as soon as I know! So stay close to this blog if you're looking forward to seeing those upcoming TV specials.

Apparently I recently won an election in South Carolina!!

My latest book signing on my book tour took place at the main library in downtown Augusta, Georgia yesterday. If you aren't familiar with the geography, this sleepy Southern town is just over the South Carolina border--so close that my hotel was actually just a few miles away in South Carolina. Straight out of a nightmare, my short drive to the library turned into an odyssey as my Mapquest directions took me into rural SC where I was lost--and almost late to my program! I had to stop several times and ask locals for directions--the best directions were from a young counter girl working at a chicken shack. She was great and very helpful. My 11 minute drive to the library took me more than an hour and tears were shed. But the new library facility in downtown Augusta is amazing! And I was asked to write a Top 10 list of Christmas programs that are in their library collection for the library's website. Nice.

This is the vehicle that I'm driving across this great country on my book tour. I am pleased to learn that people are taking notice of the car magnets which have my encyclopedia's cover design and website. If you see me, you gotta wave!

My next book event is tomorrow--at the library in Columbus, Georgia at 4 pm. In honor of Veteran's Day, I'll be talking about some of the many, many military/Christmas programs that air on TV--from Bob Hope's memorable USO tour Christmas specials to the more contemporary TV movies The Christmas Card and The Christmas Visitor. By the way, are you aware that Hallmark Channel Christmas programming begins this weekend? Go to their website to check their schedule so you don't miss you're favorite TV movies. Click on the link:

Hallmark Channel

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