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Monday, July 4, 2011

1990s Christmas: South Park

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Our next guest blogger is Vince Baglia.  His business is Tuscany Masonry LLC.  You can check out the fb link here.

South Park is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s like trying tripe for the first time, you‘ve heard stories, it doesn’t look that appealing, you’re afraid, but once you take your first cautious bite, you realize “hey this isn’t so bad!” Such is South Park. Now, what does South Park and Christmas have in common? Well, when you think of epic battles like Ali vs. Frazier , Godzilla vs. Mothra, The battle of Marathon, or Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland …I’m sure that Jesus vs. Santa did not cross your mind. That’s right, “The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa.” Two epic figures going head to head, toe to toe in this 1996  construction paper, stop motion classic to determine the true meaning of Christmas. And what this episode accomplishes, other than being hilarious, is it pulls into question “what is Christmas about?” -The Man or the Toys? Both Santa and Jesus use guilt to help you make that decision. But don’t feel guilty when watching this epic, creative, knee slapping, gut busting Christmas episode because… it’s all about the presents!

What would figure skater Brian Boitano do?

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  1. Another I've missed. Lacking in my off-beat Christmas joy, apparently! Great post!