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Sunday, July 24, 2011

1990s Christmas: recap #2

Before this last week of July and our final week of guest bloggers, I'd like to take a minute and remind you of the great posts we've had so far during our 1990s Christmas in July party.  Click the following links to return to these posts:

~~First week in July recap

~~Living Single written by John Powell

~~Tales From the Crypt by Roza Haidet

~~scene from the movie Boogie Nights by Bob Ignizio

~~Father Ted by Austen

~~TV movie A Season for Miracles by Kiki Howell

~~Melrose Place by Juniper Sage

~~and my own posts:  Nash Bridges, the movie Jingle All the Way, Seinfeld, and Party of Five.

Let me remind you that the end of July will conclude the 1701 Press sale on both of my books: the nearly 800 page encyclopedia, Tis the Season TV, and my first book The Christmas TV Companion.  The sale ends July 31st so take advantage while you can of the free shipping and add-ons available.  Click here for more details.

Later this week I will announce another giveaway opportunity for some free holiday DVDs.  So look for that.  Tomorrow's post will be the Christmas episode of the quirky 1990s drama Northern Exposure.  Merry Christmas in July!

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