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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Square Records Book Signing

At Square Records on Saturday, Dec. 10th,  4-6pm

Thanks to everyone who came out to my book signing event yesterday, hosted by Square Records in Highland Square, Akron Ohio. 

Bellows are Joseph and Kendra Minadeo
 With trippy mood music and stunning visuals by Bellows, I was excited to greet friends and answer questions about Christmas on TV.  Everyone asked about my recent adventures with the cast from the TV series The Waltons (last week I was the moderator for the panel discussion of the cast reunion of The Waltons in Jersey City, NJ). 

still from the video installation, courtesy of Bellows' Kendra Minadeo

Several others wanted to talk to me about my appearances on TV:  throughout the month of December I can be seen in The Real Story of Christmas now airing on The History Channel and 25 Most Hilarious Holiday TV Moments now airing on TV Guide Network.  If you follow me on Twitter (@TistheSeasonTV) or follow the facebook page Tis the Season TV, you will receive daily updates of the most interesting Christmas TV listings--including those programs mentioned above.

Roza, me and Ryan at Square Records
It's still not too late to get one of my books.  You can always purchase them at Amazon.com or through the publisher 1701Press.com.  If you buy them through this blog (which is the same as buying them through the publisher) you can usually get them faster--just sayin'.  Both Tis the Season TV (2010) and The Christmas TV Companion (2009) are in stock.  Also, if you buy them through the publisher/blog, you can ask to receive an author signed copy!

I'm showing Mary my photos from the Waltons cast reunion event

Thanks again to Square Records, Bellows and eveyone who came out.  What are you reading this Christmas?

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