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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Classic TV Blog Association--2013 Recap

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This past year, I was honored to become a member of the Classic TV Blog Association and to be able to participate in their blogathons.  Since I write about such a specialized topic, I'm proud that I've been able to participate so fully in the topics selected for everyone.  As we approach the end of the calendar year, please indulge my recap of the three Classic TV Blog Association's blogathons.  Please feel free to click the link to the master list of participating blogs and check out what everyone else had to say about the specific topics.  It's never too late to join the conversation.

The Classic TV Variety Show blogathon master list.  The participating bloggers wrote about their favorite TV variety series and variety specials.  It's quite a diverse list.

In this spectacular Christmas episode of Sinatra's variety show, he welcomes special guest Bing Crosby!

I participated by writing about the 1957 Christmas episode of The Frank Sinatra Show.

In March, we honored the life and career of Valerie Harper.  This blogathon was hosted by Made for TV Mayhem which includes this master list of participating links.

Rhoda has the holiday spirit.

I participated by writing about the 1974 holiday episode of TV sitcom Rhoda.

This summer, the Blog Association joined forces with the digi-net TV network Me-TV to blog about our favorite series in their summer programming.  Check out the master list of links of participating blogs.

The 1966 Christmas episode of That Girl connects to A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Mary Tyler Moore Show in interesting ways.

I participated by writing about the 1966 Christmas episode of That Girl--which was later broadcast the following weekend during a Christmas in July marathon of holiday programming on Me-TV.  You gotta love Christmas episodes in re-runs!

This past fall, I participated in another blogathon--this one organized by the Classic Film & TV Café.
All the writers shared about their favorite or noteworthy Hammer Film production.  Check out the master list of participating blogs.

Like many other Hammer films, Cash On Demand stars Peter Cushing.

I participated by writing about the 1961 Hammer film Cash On Demand.  Although its not much of a movie you'd be drawn to watch at Halloween (though it is quite suspenseful), the film's story does take place at Christmas time. 

If you're a television blogger and meet the requirements and guidelines, why don't you join the Classic TV Blog Association?

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