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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Waltons Christmas Recap

Everybody has those couple of Christmas episodes, specials, and movies they grew up watching that remain emotional touchstones throughout their lives.  I'm not alone when I include the 1971 Christmas TV movie The Homecoming on my favorite's list.   Making this Christmas TV movie even sweeter--it introduced the Walton family to TV audiences.  Let me remind you of these past essays I've written about The Waltons at Christmas time.

In "The Best Christmas," Miss Fanny's car slides off the road during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. 

The Waltons 1976 episode "The Best Christmas"

War refugees Tess and Pip come to stay with the Walton family in "The Children's Carol."
The Waltons 1977 episode "The Children's Carol" Parts 1 and 2

In "Day of Infamy," it is December 1941 and Mary Ellen (here with her young son John Curtis) braces herself for bad news from Pearl Harbor.

The Waltons 1978 episode "Day of Infamy"

There's a stranger on Waltons Mountain one Christmas, in the 1979 episode "The Spirit."

The Waltons 1979 episode "The Spirit"

As the expert on Christmas TV movies, I was invited to take part in the 40th anniversary screening (and cast reunion) of the movie The Homecoming, in 2011.

Are you a fan of The Waltons TV series?  Which is your favorite Christmas episode?

From the 2011 cast reunion and anniversary screening of The Homecoming in 2011.  (I'm seated wearing the black dress).

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