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Friday, July 15, 2016

Christmas in July 2016: Melissa Olson

Christmas in July 2016: Melissa Olson of Gilmore Girls Soundtrack

1) What Christmas episode/special/or movie always puts you in the holiday spirit?

Irving Berlin's White Christmas -- I grew up watching this with my family and it always means it's finally time to make cookies every day without guilt (not that I ever feel guilty for baking!) This is also a sick-day staple in my house, making any summer-time cold feel more festive.

2) What Christmas program or scene brings you to tears?

It's a Wonderful Life. The whole ending sequence after George Bailey comes back from seeing what the world would be like without him... It gets me every time. I am almost always a puddle of tears and cookie crumbs.


3) What's your favorite quote of dialogue, song lyric, or sentiment from a Christmas program?

Pretty much the entire song "One More Sleep Til Christmas" from A Muppet Christmas Carol, but particularly:

There's somethin' in the wind today that's good for everyone
Yes, faith is our hearts today, we're shinin' like the sun
And everyone can feel it, the feelin's runnin' deep...
After all there's only one more sleep 'til Christmas!

If I was honest, I feel like this movie would probably be my answer for all of these questions. Muppet Christmas Carol undoubtedly puts me in a Christmas mood, makes me cry, gets me to sing along, scares me a bit (with the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come...) and I always aspire to be like that little caroling bunny who is so filled with hope and excitement...

4) Is there a Christmas program that unintentionally frightens you--or turns you off?

I love this movie now, but when Home Alone came out I was very young and I was scared for years of people breaking into the house... and not just at Christmas time. I have to admit, this movie also made me scared of the furnace at my grandparent's house... which I may or may not have gotten over.

5) Name one character from Christmas entertainment with whom you closely identify? and explain why.

I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls and while it isn't a specifically Christmas episode, I 100% identify with Lorelai Gilmore's mega-love for snow (I can also relate to her brief periods of falling out of love with snow).

"I love snow. Everything's magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats." (Season 1, Episode 8)

Lorelai has such a great attitude (mostly) about something most people see as annoying and inconvenient. It's pretty whimsical, actually, and much like her, I get pretty giddy when people accuse me of being "too whimsical" about Christmas. (I should point out those people are trying to be Scrooges when they're making such accusations, but they fail to bring me down from my Christmas high 100% of the time.)

[Please check out Melissa's website and podcast: Gilmore Girls Soundtrack. The podcast's discussion & commentary of the music in the first season Christmas episode features Me! Find that HERE. Thanks Melissa.]


  1. I love your Lorelai answer!! Having a sense of whimsy ranks very high on my list.

  2. Awe, I knew I was going to LOVE your answers, Melissa, the moment I saw George Bailey's joyous picture at the top of the page! That ending in "It's a Wonderful Life" gets me every time, as well. I love the message of how special, meaningful, and precious each life is!

    Love that 'White Christmas' is your feel better movie when you're under the weather! That's so sweet!

    Blessings!!! Net

  3. Watching White Christmas on sick days? What a fantastic idea! Thanks for participating Melissa :D