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Friday, November 4, 2011

Snowglobe (2007)

The ABC Family channel's 25 Days of Christmas schedule has recently been posted--have you downloaded your copy yet?  Did you ever watch the 2007 TV movie Snowglobe?

starring Christina Milian

The movie Snowglobe is a fantasy story about a girl named Angela who is tired of her annoying family and their seemingly strange ethnic Christmas traditions.  Angela dreams of celebrating what she considers a "perfect" Christmas.  When she receives a snowglobe in the mail depicting an ideal Christmas village, Angela begins to withdraw into the fantasy within the snowglobe.  She spends more and more time away from her family, friends and her work in Brooklyn to be with the ideal, ever-happy people in the village of the snowglobe.  But when she doesn’t return to the magic of the snowglobe as promised, her boyfriend Douglas from the village finds himself able to enter her world in Brooklyn!  Trying to get Douglas back home inside the snowglobe, Angela becomes trapped in the village and realizes the perfect, ideal life there isn’t as happy as she dreamed it would be.

The cast includes: Lorraine Bracco as Rose; Christina Milian as Angela; Matt Keeslar as Douglas; and, Ron Canada as Antonio.

Do you remember seeing this? Don't fret--I'm pretty sure ABC Family channel will air it this December.  Though it's not currently listed on the highlights schedule of the 25 Days of Christmas, I'm hoping it re-airs on the marathon on Saturday, Dec.10th.  We'll have to wait until it's closer to that date to know for sure.  But I have my fingers crossed.  Have the new 25 Days of Christmas schedule yet?  What are you waiting for?


  1. Sounds fun. I am in the mood this year for lots of Christmas flicks, cheesy or not!

  2. Well, it isn't listed on Locate TV: Snowglobe.

    BUT, it is available to watch instantly on Netflix: Snowglobe.

  3. Thanks for commenting. I've seen schedules on-line that say it will air on Sun Dec. 11 at noon (ET) and again on Dec. 23 at 8am (ET). We'll keep a look out for it!