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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Christmas TV Party 2015: Cathie Kahle

Christmas TV Party 2015: Cathie Kahle

1) What Christmas program/movie have you seen more times than any other?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


2) What is your favorite musical Christmas TV special, variety performance, or holiday song in a movie? 
White Christmas


3) What's your favorite TV or movie adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol? 

I still like the Reginald Owens version best. 

4) What do you think is the worst Christmas program/movie--or your least favorite, the most disappointing or most overrated? 
Bad Santa. I'm very torn about finding it funny or disgusting. 

5) If you were asked to give advice to a TV network executive in charge of holiday programming, what would you suggest? 

Stop stealing ideas from movies/shows previously done. It makes watching new things boring!!


  1. I connect with your answer to #5. Originality goes a long way. Thanks for participating!

  2. These are all great picks, Cathie! I'm sure I've seen "Rudolph" a million times, too, and I still adore those sweet, forgotten, misfit toys. I always feel like crying when we see Santa pick them up and then they leave each other and finally have a home with a child to play with them.

    Love White Christmas... With the beautiful song and dance numbers and Bing Crosby... It's the best!!!

  3. Fun stuff. A friend of mine found out about White Christmas a few years back and now it is almost on a loop for him come December!