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Friday, December 4, 2009


I've received several comments/questions asking about where people can watch the things I've listed in the book. I'm glad you asked!! I specifically chose those listings included because, well...they are interesting but also because of accessibility. In this blog I've been highlighting the broadcast of many of the entries within the book--and more notices are coming. But one of the glorious thing about Christmas material is that there is always a market for re-releasing old programs. Every year, new Christmas treasures become available for purchase or rental. It's usually just a matter of finding it. In a previous post I mentioned Christmas With the King Family and the Bell Telephone Hour Christmas specials. But there are many more.

Research secrets: I use every available resource for finding/watching Christmas materials. This includes: the library, Netflix, Blockbuster.com, local video rental stores, Goodwill and used markets, YouTube, and borrowing from friends. I also love to head straight to the bargain bins and look for the dollar DVDs. These cheaply produced DVDs are AMAZING resources for old and seeminly lost Christmas programs. But beware: the manufacturers of these dollar DVDs love to change the name of the programs. So you have to be creative and willing to obtain duplicates. Just yesterday a friend told me she acquired a new DVD entitled "Santa Claus Defeats the Aliens." But immediately I could recognize that it's a copy of "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." Sometimes the thrill of the search makes it all worthwhile.

This week at the grocery store--of all places--I found DVD copies of two rare animated Christmas programs I had feared may become lost forever. I wrote about both of them in the book because I had found them on VHS from my local library and had hoped they would find a new life. Sure enough, both are now available. I'm going to announce a contest soon to give them away--so stay tuned!

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