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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adult Swim

SET YOUR DVRs: tonight 12/5 at 11 pm (EST) on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programs: The PJs followed by The Boondocks.

The PJ's Christmas episode entitled "How the Super Stole Christmas" airs tonight. This stop-motion program from the 1990s features an adaptation of the familiar Grinch story in this episode. Hilarious. I discuss it on pg. 86.

And, The Boondock's holiday episode entitled "A Huey Freeman Christmas" is one of my personal favorite Christmas episodes. I love how Jasmine equates Jesus with Santa Claus--very blasphemous but clever. But the most charming storyline is watching Huey organize his school's holiday pageant--ala Charlie Brown--taking it to a whole new level, demanding Hollywood A-list actors audition and re-writing the story to make it meaningful to his generation. Of course, he's underappreciated and the teachers have to wrestle control over the project away from young Huey. Brilliant. I love a good 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' reference. This episode is discussed on pg. 84 of my book.

If you love the classic 1960s animated specials, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and A Charlie Brown Christmas, then you HAVE to watch their legacies. These are two of the best.

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