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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas-themed Diaster Movies

I know you're thinking what I'm thinking: there just aren't enough Christmas-themed disaster movies!! But thank god the good people at Fox Movie Channel are thinking about us.

SET YOUR DVRs: Saturday, 12/26 on Fox Movie Channel, at 5:30 pm and then 8 pm (EST) for Terror on the 40th Floor and The Poseidon Adventure.

1974's Terror on the 4oth Floor is a movie I haven't seen yet and have been searching for it for awhile. Rumor has it that employees at an office Christmas party become trapped on....the 40th floor of a skyscraper when the building goes up in flames.

1972's The Poseidon Adventure is one I originally saw at the drive-in. (I also saw the more recent re-make at the drive-in. Hhhmmm...) Anyway, this classic disaster movie takes place on a cruise ship over the holiday when a tidal wave flips the luxury liner over and quickly begins filling with water. It's a great holiday moment when the survivors must scramble up the giant Christmas tree in order to scale to higher decks for oxygen as the ship rapidly fills with water. Good times. Another key scene is the one between Ernest Borgnine and Shelley Winters when the older, heavy-set woman volunteers to swim through a water-filled passage in order to help save the others. Can you guess what happens to our hero? Glug-glug-glug.

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  1. Terror on the 40th Floor got a really cheap DVD release. I picked it up for a song. I have to tell you, you're not missing much, but it's cheap, so maybe see it for Anjanette's beautiful red dress!

    Love your blog!