About Christmas TV History

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Thanks to everyone that participated. This was fun, wasn't it? Our winner is Amanda By Night with her entry A Very Brady Christmas. However, we also have honorable mention prizes for the other entries: Wings, Gina and Ronda. My publisher will contact you about where to send the prizes.

If anyone is interested in watching A Very Brady Christmas, I believe it is scheduled for broadcast on ABCFamily channel next Tuesday, 12/22 at 1 pm (EST). There is a funny sketch within Denis Leary's Merry F#$%&in' Christmas Special with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock where he attempts to watch A Very Brady Christmas movie twice a day for 30 days. In this spoof of Spurlock's documentary film Super Size Me and his TV series 30 Days, Spurlock is once again pushed to his physical limitations--it's hilarious. Denis Leary's 2005 holiday special will broadcast on Comedy Central, Friday 12/25 at 3 am (EST) and again Saturday 12/26 at 2:30 am (EST). This special is best viewed late into the night anyway.

Thanks to everyone that played along!!


  1. Congrats to Amanda! That is one great, 'uncool yet cool' special. And cool that the rest of us got honorable mention prizes! Thanks!

    As for "A Very Brady Christmas," it is airing tomorrow (Thursday 12/17) on ABC Family at 7:00 AM! I have my DVR set to record it already!

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  2. OMG! I won?!? Really? Wow!

    Thanks Wings, I loved your entry!

    That was fun! I'm definitely haveing a Very Brady Christmas this year! Thanks!!!