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Monday, December 14, 2009

Contest Entry #4!!!!

Here we have entry no. 4 from my good friend Ronda! Enjoy!

Ronda writes,

My favorite Christmas Movie is “ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE”. Yes, I know its sappy. But what kind of movie gives you a look at what your life would be like had you not been in it? Growing up in the same home town never getting a chance to move out...always putting others in front of your needs, keeping the family together at all cost. Giving up on your dreams so that you can help others reach theirs.
If everyone would just take a few life lessons from good ‘ole George, just think what kind of happier world we would live in. Do I hear a bell ringing Clarence?

Nothing sappy about this now-classic movie. It’s good watching anytime of the year! And, hello, Jimmy Stewart? Classic. Thanks Ronda!

Incidentally, here’s a great Frank Capra-directed Christmas double-feature: Meet John Doe (1941), starring the ever-awesome Barbara Stanwyck & Gary Cooper, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Every emotion, from the highest triumphant high, to the lowest, saddest low, is covered right here in just 2 films!

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  1. It is a great, great film. And I always get a bit choked up at the end. Yeah. We haven't watched it yet this year, but we plan to!