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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas on Mars

SET YOUR DVRs: for Friday, 12/25 at 1:15 am on the Sundance channel to see the fantabulous sci-fi film, Christmas on Mars.

This film was the personal project of Wayne Coyne (the lead singer of the alternative band from Oklahoma, The Flaming Lips) and from interviews I've read with him, it took many, many years to complete. But I can appreciate that. If you haven't seen it yet (it just came out last year) it has a classic science fiction film sensibility to charm every viewer--but an experimental and alternative cinema flavor as well. This film is perfect to watch as a midnight movie on late night Christmas Eve. My discussion of the film can be found on page 43-44 of the book.

I included a photo of our little Christmas tree this year--every year my boyfriend and I like to decorate with a different theme. This year our theme is sci-fi. I'm not sure it's finished but we only have one more week before it's too late to make improvements. We were generous with our interpretation on the theme--there are weird robots on it, a couple original Star Wars action figures, several E.T. figures (which isn't really connected to Christmas, I pointed out to him) and far too many R2-D2s. My boyfriend is proud of the paper-made blue police call box TARDIS on there from Doctor Who. But really they are left over from last year's British-themed Christmas tree. There's even a mogwai creature from the movie Gremlins--how did that get on there?

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