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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Radio Interview

I was recently interviewed over the phone for a Cleveland, OH radio program--my first radio interview! It was a little nerve-racking. The host hadn't seen my book before the interview and so I didn't know what kind of questions to expect. He was very easy to talk with and made the experience flow very naturally but...I was totally just reacting to him off the top of my head.

radio interview--on the right, click on the buttons next to "Christmas TV Companion."

Listening to it now three days later--I realize I misspoke. Near the end of the interview I said there is no Outer Limits Christmas episode. What the--? There's an episode of the New Outer Limits, from 1995 entitled "The Conversion" that is a holiday story. It stars John Savage and Frank Whaley. I KNOW this but I guess in the moment I forgot. I'm my own harshest critic. I wanted to talk more about the Eight is Enough Christmas episode but he cut me short. That's okay. I could have gone on and on about Elf.

It was an interesting and intense experience but I'm ready for my next radio interview! A friend of mine told me that the interview would most probably be edited and trimmed but listening to it again--NOTHING was trimmed or edited. I will try to say 'uhm' less often next time. LOL!

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