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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Christmas in July 2019: Jeff Fox

Christmas in July 2019: Jeff Fox, Name That Christmas Special, @chrspecials

1. What is your favorite Saturday Night Live Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's sketch?

I always try to catch the Christmas episode of SNL because it’s always a lot of fun with cameos and a relaxed and festive atmosphere. That said, I don’t tend to remember many sketches. I usually enjoy them at the time but checking back in on them after the fact makes me wonder why I enjoyed them so much at the time. But that’s okay, that’s why it’s still live, it’s a fun Christmas show with spontaneity and cheer. It’s the closest thing we have to the old variety Christmas specials these days. Works for me!

2. Do you most look forward to watching holiday episodes from series? Specials? Movies? Animation? or, all of it?

Probably movies? I tend to be busy all the time so sitting down and enjoying a whole movie can be a privilege, and one which I make time for at Christmas. I do love a good Christmas special though, and ‘very special episodes,’ so really, I look forward to them all, but the luxury of Christmas movies brings a smile to my face...

3. What's your favorite soundtrack from a holiday program? (it doesn't have to have been officially released as an album--just what program features your favorite collection of music?)

The Muppet Christmas Carol deserves year-round attention; 'Thankful Heart' should replace national anthems at sporting events, school assemblies and the Olympics.

4. What one program are you patiently (or impatiently) waiting for me to review on this blog?

I’m not sure I’ve seen your take on the Richard Mulligan version of "Night of the Meek". Or "The Star" from the same year. Actually my first thought though was ‘why no Black Christmas love?’ but I checked and you reviewed it before I discovered your site. Woo hoo, another article to check out!

5. What change in Christmas entertainment have you noticed over the years? Do you like the trend?

So many more movies and specials every year! This is a good trend in general (who doesn’t love more Christmas specials?) but I certainly don’t find as many that I enjoy as much as the older ones, but if they keep making new ones, I’m sure it will happen eventually. I can’t keep up with them all anyway, maybe they’ve already made my new favourite and I just haven’t seen it yet…


  1. Mulligan's "Night of the Meek" is great, and that Twilight Zone version of "The Star" was the first time I encountered that story.

  2. I agree on the "New" Twilight Zone episodes. That series doesn't get enough respect. There were some great writers, great actors and great stories.

  3. Where do I go to sign your Muppets Thankful Heart petition!?