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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Christmas in July 2019: Sally Silverscreen

(The Middle)

Christmas in July 2019: Sally Silverscreen from 18 Cinema Lane

1. What is your favorite Saturday Night Live Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's sketch? 
Because I don’t watch Saturday Night Live, I don’t have a favorite Christmas themed sketch from that show. When it comes to Christmas themed comedy, however, I’ve enjoyed the Christmas episodes of The Middle and Last Man Standing.

2. Do you most look forward to watching holiday episodes from series? Specials? Movies? Animation? or, all of it? 

I definitely look forward to watching Hallmark’s Christmas movies! It’s interesting to see how different or similar the films are compared to the previous years. Seeing the creativity that can come from some of these movies is also interesting. I try to catch some of the Christmas movies on other networks as well, to see what they have to offer.

3. What's your favorite soundtrack from a holiday program? (it doesn't have to have been officially released as an album--just what program features your favorite collection of music?) 

After giving this a little bit of thought, I chose the soundtrack from Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Ghosts of Christmas Eve. The music found in this movie is from the band’s first album, Christmas Eve, which was released three years prior to the film’s premiere. This is an example of when a Christmas program’s soundtrack is better than the program itself, as I found this movie to be disappointing.

4. What one program are you patiently (or impatiently) waiting for me to review on this blog? 

If you are able to, can you please review the 2019 Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas film? So far, there has been no announcements made about this project. I’m hoping this movie will be revealed at this year’s Hallmark TCA Summer Event!

5. What change in Christmas entertainment have you noticed over the years? Do you like the trend? 

I’ve noticed one trend, specifically from Hallmark, that concerns me as a Hallmark fan. Hallmark’s Christmas movie line-ups have become bigger and more popular every year. But it seems like Hallmark puts so much focus on their Christmas line-ups, that their other priorities are falling to the way-side. In 2019, there will be two months dedicated to premiering Christmas movies. Plus, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” line-up, a Christmas movie has aired every Thursday (on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) and Friday (on Hallmark Channel) so far, as well as the entire month of July being reserved amongst Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries for “Christmas in July”. However, it’s been a few years since we’ve seen a new St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Father’s Day, and/or Memorial Day movie from either network. It looks like Hallmark is trying to make up for this by having Hallmark Movies & Mysteries air their military related Christmas movies on Independence Day and Hallmark Channel incorporating this holiday into their film, Sister of the Bride. But, it just isn’t the same.


  1. Interesting point you made about Hallmark forgoing other holidays to add more and more Christmas. It really is too much and takes away the excitement and special quality of the holiday. Also, I would add to your list Halloween and Thanksgiving movies. Those are mostly lost since they roll right into Christmas. I love a movie based around Thanksgiving.

  2. Yes, Halloween and Thanksgiving do get overshadowed by both of Hallmark's Christmas line-ups. Even when the company has made movies related to those holidays, they don't always get re-aired around their respective time of year. If you're looking for a good Thanksgiving themed movie, I'd recommend "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving"! It's one of my favorite Hallmark films and it tells such a great story!