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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Christmas in July 2017: Donna Bock

Christmas in July 2017: Donna Bock

1) Who's your favorite Santa Claus?

I am a BIG Santa fan so this is hard!!!! I love the Santa from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  He is so cute!...Can I name another?  Ok, I will!  I also love the mechanical Santa from Happy Days, "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas."  If you look carefully it's a real person.  I think it's hysterical when Santa lets the package go and hits Chuck in the eye.  I read that was a mistake and it really hurt Chuck....maybe that's why he mysteriously disappeared...

2) What's your favorite Christmas episode from a TV series? 

Oh, I feel like a broken record....I LOVE Happy Days, "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas."  The Fonz just tugs on my....This episode originally aired in December of 1974 and I remember watching  and loving it.  The following year it was shown but with Fonzi telling Arnold how the Cunninghams took him in that Christmas Eve.

3) Do you enjoy watching Christmas entertainment year round or do you only like watching it during the holidays? And, why?

I do enjoy watching Christmas movies and shows year round it always makes me happy.  I watched A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last week and my favorite part is the Christmas scene where the brother and sister catch a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to bring home.  My soon to be 3 year old grandson also loves Christmas episodes of his favorite shows. I have on my DVR Paw Patrol's "Pups Save Christmas."  Then there's Mickey Mouse's "Mickey Saves Santa," and we usually follow that up with The Elf on the Shelf half hour Christmas show.  I think it's hereditary...

4) This is the 21st century--how do you watch TV and/or Christmas entertainment?

I have cable TV so all of my TV watching is from cable.  I also have many Christmas shows and movies saved on my DVR.  My cable provider keeps sending me notices that I need to update my cable box and I don't want to lose my shows!  I may give in this fall and just record them again when they start airing in November.

5) If you were to be stranded on an island (maybe Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean!), what three Christmas movies, specials, or episodes would you like to have with you?

My favorite Christmas Movie is White Christmas.  I have been watching it since I was a little girl.  When I was very young there was a Saturday Night Movie on network TV.  I loved watching them every Saturday and that is where I saw White Christmas for the first time.  White Christmas would definitely have to make the trip!  Christmas Vacation would have to come with me also, I would need a good comedy and all the crazy family drama would make me happy I was stranded and alone.  Last but maybe not least, I'd have to take my Rudolph with me, I could not be happy on any island if I couldn't watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer a few times a year.


  1. The Christmas Happy Days episode is so touching and also very funny. As a youngster, I was never too sure if that mechanical Santa was mechanical or an actor......Perhaps I'm still unsure!!!! But I do Love it!!!!

  2. Great choices, and Happy Days is always a good call. The Santa from Rudolph is less ideal for me, as an adult, than he was when I was a kid. He's just so harsh about Rudolph at first. :)

  3. Oooh, you must be talking about NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES. That was a must-watch for so many years.

  4. A wonderful read, Donna! Your bubbly enthusiasm over Christmas shined through every word! Love your joyful spirit!

    I haven't seen that Happy Days episode in forever, so I'll definitely be on the look out for it! (Poor Chuck!) Also, I like all of your island picks... Hope we're on the same one! I didn't have room in my bag to pack "White Christmas" and I adore that one, too!!! "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... just like the ones I used to know...."

    Again - I Enjoyed reading all of your Christmas favorites, Donna! Blessings & Happy Christmas in July, Net

  5. That Happy Days episode is a good one! It's fun to read the different choices of favorite episodes. There are so many to choose from that some just slip your mind.

  6. I like Net's idea--maybe several of us can be stranded on the same deserted island and enjoy the holiday entertainments together! Ha! Thanks for participating Donna :)