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Monday, July 3, 2017

Christmas in July 2017: Clifton Barnes

Christmas in July 2017: Clifton Barnes from North Carolina

1) Who's your favorite Santa Claus?

The one on Mary Richards' desk.
As for a real person, Cameron Grant on I Love Lucy.

2) What's your favorite Christmas episode from a TV series?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – "Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid"
This changes from year to year. Lol.

3) Do you enjoy watching Christmas entertainment year round or do you only like watching it during the holidays? And, why?

Only during the holidays. I don't want to dilute the feeling when Christmas comes. Want it to be rare and special.

4) This is the 21st century--how do you watch TV and/or Christmas entertainment?

I watch on antenna, satellite, old VHS tapes, DVDs and various stations on Roku, including Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime.

5) If you were to be stranded on an island (maybe Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean!), what three Christmas movies, specials, or episodes would you like to have with you.

Charlie Brown Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
And one of the variety Christmas Shows from 1966-1971 (Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Perry Como). Would have to research more for the best one to have.


  1. The Bing Crosby and family photo makes no judgement about the best one for Barnes to have with him on his deserted island :)
    Love your choices Clifton. The Mary Tyler Moore Show Christmas is definitely a favorite of mine too!

    1. Thank you and what you do. While I only like to feast on Christmas during the holiday season, you help me keep the spirit year round.

  2. Great answers. And I think many of us have answers that would change depending on our mood.

    And A Charlie Brown Christmas is a great choice for the deserted island, as well. Hmm...

    1. Thanks. I was afraid people wouldn't like that I didn't expand too much on the answers. But there is so much I love about Christmas that it was hard enough just to narrow it down to what I did.

  3. Gotta Love Mary's decorations!!!! Great stuff!!!!

  4. Love your island picks... plus, the Christmas variety show is a terrific idea!!!

    Happy Christmas in July, Net :)

  5. Great answers. The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode is one of my all-time favorites. It's the first one I watch every year.

  6. Thanks Net and Dana. Just saw your responses. Better late than never!